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StarFest Meet & Greet

Meet and Greet

StarFest Meet & Greet

It was a bit hard to set it up, but we’ve finally got the StarFest Meet & Greet Event up and running in our shopping cart. We’ve had people asking for a way to reserve seats at the event and now everyone at the Meet & Greet will be able to select their table and seats for the event.

If you haven’t been to the event before, just ask anyone that has – it’s the best way to start off your convention weekend meeting our guests face to face in a very fun way. First you come into the room and can get to know the other 100 or so people at the event over desserts and refreshments. About a half hour into the event, the guests arrive and each take a seat at one of the tables. Then, every five minutes they switch to another table. It’s sort of speed dating with our guests. It makes for a really intimate Q&A with the guests, where they get to tell you a little about themselves and you’ll be able to introduce yourself to them too.

Select your seats now.